Kali Audio LP-8 Studio Monitor Speaker (Pair) – 8″ inch


  • 3D Imaging Waveguide- The 3-D Imaging Waveguide allows you to hear a 3-D soundstage from a stereo pair of speakers.
  • Low-Noise Port Tube- The LP-8 has the clean, punchy bass of a front-ported speaker with very low noise from the port tube.
  • High Output- With 85 dB continuous output at 2.8 meters (roughly 6 feet,) and 20 dB of headroom, the LP-8 is plenty loud for almost every 1 or 2 person listening space. This includes home studios, editing bays, and most control rooms.
  • Bass Power- Bass on the LP-8 is delivered by a larger magnet and larger voice coil than any comparable speaker on the market. This gives you more accurate bass response that extends lower, so you can dial in exactly the low-end sound you need.


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